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Tips on How to Increase the Lifetime of a Battery for HP ENVY 13

In case you are worried about the shorter life time of your battery for HP ENVY 13, then you just need to use your battery and adapter smartly and you will be able to increase its life time as well as backup also. However, if you have no idea about the ways to use your HP ENVY 13 adapter or battery smartly, then also you don’t have to worry about it because you can find those simple but highly effective ways to improve the life expectancy of your HP ENVY 13 battery and its adapter.


In order to get a longer life from your HP ENVY 13 battery make sure you never plug your adapter with a power source that has damaged power supply. Other than this, also make sure that you never plug your HP ENVY 13 adapter in socket when voltage is highly fluctuating. This fluctuation will not only harm the HP ENVY 13 adapter but it can damage your battery as well so if you need to use your adapter in this kind of situation make sure you put a voltage stabilizer or UPS before your laptop adapter and power supply.


Other than this it is also very important that you should not always use HP Laptop battery  ENVY 13 else it will complete its life cycle in much shorter time and you will have to change the battery earlier than usual time. Therefore it is suggested that you should use your HPE06 battery only when you really need to use it and if you are next to a power source make sure you connect your laptop with a power supply so you can get a longer battery backup and long life from your battery.


In addition to this you also need to understand that no use of HP ENVY 13 battery will also decrease the lifetime of your laptops battery. So if you are not using it at all you might end up losing your battery without actually using it. So if you are a person that always keeps the laptop plugged than you should use the battery at least once in a week and you should drain it completely during this use. It will make sure that your battery is functional and you will be able get a better HP ENVY 13 battery backup for a very long time and your laptop battery will remain in its perfect condition. So if you are over using it then you are not doing good but if you are not using at all then also you are doing nothing good for your HP Laptop Battery ENVY 13, so make sure you use it.



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