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Getting the Most Out of Your HP 593553-001 Battery

Most people who are using an HP 593553-001 battery have been complaining about the short battery life. It gets disappointing when you are working away on a laptop and suddenly the screen goes dead, and you have to start looking for a power outlet. It gets even worse when you are far from a power source, so you have to put off your work for a later time. Luckily, there are some few tips that can help you conserve battery.


Are you tired of carrying your HP 593553-001 adapter all day for fear of the battery dying? You can avoid this by switching off all the wireless networks on your laptop.


To ensure that your battery for HP 593553-001 serves you well, do not use the computer while you have plugged in other devices. Only plug in your phone, modem, and external drives only when you need to use them. Disconnect them immediately once you are done using them. Something like a flash drive might seem as if it does not consume charge, but its indicator light uses charge, which is supplied by the laptop battery. Also, instead of using an external mouse for your laptop, use a touchpad.


Games zap the life right out of your HP 593553-001 battery. If you are using your laptop for something essential, do not play any games or music, or watch movies on it. If you cannot work without listening to your music, use your phone or your MP3 player to listen to music. Also, dim the display to save battery. In addition, your laptop comes with the option of power saving. Select this option, and adjust it to suit your preference.


Scheduled tasks are another enemy to your HP battery. Some things are not really necessary to schedule. For those important ones, rather than placing on schedule, make sticky notes on the desktop to remind you to carry those tasks out. Though it might be helpful, the Autosave option for applications such as word processors consumes a lot of battery. Switch it off when you are not making urgent documents. Also, instead of running a program or watching media straight from your optical drive in your laptop, copy it from your DVD or CD to your hard drive. The hard drive uses less power than an optical drive.


With these simple tips, you will get a lot of service from your battery, and you won’t need to have your HP adapter with you all the time.



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