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Details about the Acer Aspire 5100 Battery

The Acer Aspire 5100 battery is usually the most important part of the Acer laptop. Mainly, Acer is one of the greatest companies in producing and manufacturing of various high technology products such as laptops and tablets. It is considered to be the company that is leading with the best friendly customer service in various parts across the world. The most essential and the most produced technology offered by Acer Company is the laptop. In these products is where you will find the Aspire 5100 series which is compatible with most peoples needs and also contains the best battery.


The battery for Acer Aspire 5100 is a Li-ion type. It has a capacity of 4400, with 11.1 V power. Additionally it is highly accommodating, 135.70 x 89.00 x 19.30 mm. Since a charger is the most important thing, then it needs to be kept in good condition so as it can run your laptop for long. However, there are cases where the battery runs out of power more frequently than usual, which means it has a problem. Generally, the company that deals with the charger Aspire 5100 series offers a one year warranty after buying.


In addition there are tips to keep the adapter for Acer Aspire 5100 in good condition. Firstly, you use the required chargers so as to keep it healthy. The recommended way to plug in the adapter into the laptop is to first insert the output of the DC plug into the laptops power jackpot then the input plug and do not continue to charge it for long hours. During plugging in and out, you should handle it gently since the internal parts will break. Additionally, improper folding of the wires may make them break and it won’t function well. Other tips are that you should avoid places with moist, such as places that are cooler and wet areas as it may damage your Acer Aspire 5100 adapter. Usually, the tip of the adapter is made of metal and must not be in contact metallic objects so as to avoid short-circuiting. Also do not use force as you plug in as it is an important object.


You have noticed that caring for the charger is more important than caring for the laptop. Many of the problems arise during plugging in and storage mishandling of the adapter. This is because when the charger is faulty then it may damage your laptop. Therefore it is advisable in case meet any fault with the Acer adapter it is important to contact the company for any assistance.



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