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Best Practices in Using an Acer Aspire 5530 Battery and Adapter

Acer computers use the same adaptor model for Acer Aspire 5530, 5532, 5534, 5535 and 5536. However, customers will be well advised to stick to the 5530 adaptor while charging the Acer Aspire 5530 battery. This is due to compatibility issues and voltage ratings. The standard charger output is 19V DC and 3.42A, a total power rating of 65W. Many distributors sell the adapter and power cord as one along with the battery to enhance the life of the products. This is capable of charging the computer to full capacity for outdoor usage. It is common also to get many sellers giving 12 months guarantee for the package due to the confidence they have with the manufacturers.


For the 5530 battery, Li-ion cells for this product have been made to charge continuously while the device is plugged in to a power source. With a full energy capacity of 4400 mAh, it is enough to run the computer for close to three hours. Packaging details of the battery for Acer Aspire 5530 remain barely 5.7 x 3.7 x 1.7 inches, with a weight of weigh 0.33 kg. The product has been designed as a lightweight. Many customers are satisfied with this product and are willing to recommend it to any other potential buyers. Many of them claim that it worked as promised for more than two years.


Acer 5530 rates as one of the leading and most preferred laptop battery for multiple models of the Acer machines. Batteries are vital to a computer since they determine how long business can be done on the go without having to stop for more charge. The 5530 can be used both as a replacement and also as a spare for the existing battery. Since the results are tremendously positive, then the buyer will most certainly get the best deal by buying both from the same vendor.


Maintaining the laptop battery and Acer Aspire 5530 adapter adds to effective time usage of the computer, as well as extending the life of the computer. A lot of professionals will advise that to maintain a battery well, it is important to have it charge for a full cycle before discharging it fully again from the first week on. To enjoy the full benefits of the Acer 5530 adaptors and the battery, it is vital to follow manufacturer’s guidelines.


To help precondition your laptop to be charged to full capacity, make sure that it is regularly charged when new. Once full disconnect and let it discharge to empty even if you are in the office. Following the manual on this especially the first weeks of usage will prolong the life of both your laptop and the battery. It is also known that the Acer battery can have a prolonged life by simply charging it to full capacity and storing it in a cool place. When the laptop remains unused after a long time, it will be vital to first fully charge it before regular use. Enjoy your experience with the 5530 charger and battery.


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