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How to Extend Your Acer AS10D41 Battery Life?

With laptops becoming more popular and affordable, the number of people looking to utilize mobile computing is growing. Keeping your battery healthy and charged is a crucial part of mobile computing. By ensuring that you are charging your laptop computer is important, it is equally important to extend your battery life. Given below are a few effective tips on how to preserve your Acer AS10D41 battery life: It does sound like a sure thing to do, but dimming your screen can be one of the best ways to help make your battery last longer. Moreover, most modern and advanced laptop computers have efficient power management tools that allow controlling CPU performance and screening brightness automatically. Turning your Wi-Fi off can be a good idea if you really want to keep your battery charged. Also, when you ensure that the usage of additional peripherals such as mp3 players, USB devices, mice are limited to a minimum, your battery is likely to last longer. Another efficient and long-term solution for extending your Acer laptop battery life is to enhance the amount of RAM your laptop has. This decreases the amount of virtual memory that your laptop may have to use. Since virtual memory and hard drive use eat up a significant amount of power, this step can help you increase the efficiency and battery life of your laptop. However, this is really productive if you utilize programs that contain a large amount of virtual memory. Laptops often develop a lot of fluff and lint on a regular basis. In most cases, these can severely damage battery connections. That is the major reason why it is so important to clean battery contacts, generally using a cloth moistened with alcohol to make sure that an effective connection can be established between the computer and the battery. Thus, it is essentially worth taking good care of your battery for Acer AS10D41. It is certainly not a good idea to charge your battery and then leave it completely charged. Just like humans, batteries also require a good mixture of exercise and rest. The idea option is to first fully charge your battery and use it at least a couple of times in a month. While old batteries do require a complete discharge every once a while, modern batteries are do not actually need it. The above tips are some of the best way of extending the life of your Acer AS10D41 battery. They are known for providing both long and short term solutions for conserving laptop power. Article Source: For more information about Acer AS10D41 battery, please go to Thank you!

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