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How to Install a New Battery Vostro 3500?

Have you bought a new battery Vostro 3500 for your laptop computer, but is having a problem installing it well? Instead of panicking or calling on a friend to help you through the process, check if the Dell Vostro 3500 battery you have received is the one you ordered. Look at its documentation and check the following attributes: 1) size. Laptop batteries for Dell laptops are attainable in an array of sizes, each suitable for a given computer model. Ascertain whether the battery you have received fits well in your laptop by checking its architecture and dimensions. 2) Model: the model number of the battery you have received should be the correct one. Compare the string of numbers and letters on your old and new battery for Dell Vostro 3500 tally, before proceeding with installation.


After you have ascertained the Dell Vostro 3500 battery you have received is the one you ordered and is compatible with your laptop computer; uninstall the old or damaged one that is on your laptop computer in the following way: first, access the device manager of your Dell Vostro laptop computer. If you own a Windows-based laptop, you can do so in two ways. Click the start button on your laptop’s taskbar, navigate to control panel, and then device manager. You can also type device manager in the search button on your laptop’s navigational pane and then double-click the device manager application that shows up on the search. Next, expand that battery’s tree on your laptop’s device manager. Click Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Battery branch and remove the installed drivers. make sure however, that you leave the Microsoft AC Adapter and Microsoft Composite Battery branches on the same tree as they are. Once done, power down your Dell Vostro 3500 laptop computer and remove the damaged Vostro 3500 battery.


After you have completed the foregoing preparatory phase, you can install your new battery Vostro 3500. First, check the battery compartment of your laptop. Is it clean. Wipe it with a clean dry cloth or a cotton wool dipped in rubbing alcohol if otherwise. Slot your battery in the compartment gently. Makes sure you align all contacts as needed and snap the battery in place before closing the compartment. Turn your laptop computer on. Plug your Dell Vostro 3500 adapter in a wall plug and charge the new Dell Vostro 3500 battery to full capacity. Calibrate the battery by letting it drain naturally until the laptop goes to sleep and then recharge it to capacity. The battery for Dell Vostro 3500 will work well as a result, for around 300 to 500 charging cycles.


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