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HP Laptop Battery DV5000 User Tips

This is a guide on how to effectively maximize the use and durability of HP Laptop Battery DV5000 and HP DV5000 adapter. This brand is designed from Samsung high quality cells. Here are the tips and guide on how to maintain longer life span of the laptop batteries:


Charging the Laptop Battery

An HP DV5000 battery must be charged fully before use, the batteries come in a discharged condition. To ensure that the new battery reaches the expected full rated capacity, charge and discharge about three to four times.


Extending the Laptop Battery Life Span

A Battery for HP DV5000, according to statistics, last longer for about 500 charge/discharge cycles. If one wants to enhance the battery performance and to last longer than the indicated number, it is a good practice to always remove the battery when the HP DV5000 adapter is plugged into the laptop outlet. The AC power quite often does cause the battery to overcharge and overheat. This is not good for the laptop battery. Also develop the habit of setting the LCD brightness to the lowest levels and not to maximize. Always maintain it at low levels best suiting the user.


When not in Use

HP Laptop Battery DV5000, HP DV5000 battery, battery for HP DV5000, HP DV5000 adapter should ever be left inactive for longer periods. Reinstall the battery for at least every 4 to five weeks and give it time to fully discharge. Dumping the battery longer without use for longer period does cause it to discharge fully since its circuitry consumes power.


How to Store the Battery for Longer

A Battery for HP DV5000 can be stored for longer than one month, just remove it from the device and store in a clean, cool, and dry place. Do not expose the battery to hot or wet conditions during storage.


Maximizing Laptop Battery Life Performance


HP Laptop Battery DV5000 and adapter should be properly maintained by fully charging it in an interval of about two to three weeks on a regular basis. This is an exception of the memory effects and suffrage Li-ion batteries. Dust the dirty contacts with alcohol and a cotton swab. This ensures the clean connection between the laptop and the HP DV5000 battery.

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