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How to Make Your Toshiba PA3536U-1BRS Battery Last Longer?

You might have heard that you can optimize the lifespan of your Toshiba PA3536U -1BRS battery by following some simple advice. Since the Toshiba PA3536U-1BRS adapter is made to work seamlessly with the computer, the same cannot be said about generic adapters. This will allow better use of energy and will provide your equipment with improved protection. I will share some tips to make your battery last much longer. This is such an important piece of your equipment and is often a neglected one. I will show you some tips to make this possible:


Tip # 1 –The Toshiba PA3536U-1BRS battery lasts longer by using it more often.

Although it might seem strange, you can expand the useful life of your laptop battery by leaps and bounds if you disconnect your Toshiba PA3536U-1BRS adapter when it’s charged at around 80% and connect it again when it’s depleted at around 40%. Although this is a powerful secret it is well guarded by many hardware manufacturers since selling equipment more often is in their best interest. For many reasons mobile devices batteries, including those of laptops reduce their usefulness much faster when electrical power is connected most of the time.


Tip # 2 – Energy savings are always welcome.

There are many small tweaks you can do to your operating system and habits along with countless workarounds to save on energy. The benefit of this is obvious: more time using an unplugged device. I will mention some of the most effective things you can do in order to achieve this:

- Tweak you Operating System (OS) energy savings options to the maximum and always in accord to your needs.

- Decreasing your monitor brightness will do wonders to make your battery for Toshiba PA3536U -1BRS last as long as it can last because a notebook’s device is the hardware element which consumes the most power in the device.


Although these two tips are some of the most important elements, it is also recommendable to keep your Toshiba PA3536U-1BRS adapter in a place where no liquids come in contact with it. Although it might seem logical it is one of the main reasons for repairs and changes. It is also important for you to remember to avoid placing any objects over it since it might cause overheating and this will invariably reduce its useful lifespan. Think about this as a continual process where you will apply what you learn to your everyday experiences with your computer. Since it is possible you are spending a considerable time using your computer, this will make you more efficient and at the same time will save you money.


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